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  1. Top 165 Interesting and Weird Fun Facts (That Will Amaze You) Interesting Facts. If you somehow found a way to extract all of the gold from the bubbling core of our lovely little... Fun Facts. The world's oldest piece of chewing gum is over 9,000 years old! A coyote can hear a mouse moving.
  2. WTF Fun Fact - Villas Las Estrellas. June 30, 2021. June 30, 2021. Anyone who moves to the Villas Las Estrellas, a settlement in Antarctica, must first have their appendix preemptively removed, because . Read More & Source
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  4. 2. A raisin dropped in a glass of fresh champagne will bounce up and down continuously from the bottom of the glass to the top. 3. Cap'n Crunch's full name is Horatio Magellan Crunch. 4. The Vatican City is the country that drinks the most wine per capita at 74 liters per citizen per year. 5
  5. The tip of the clitoris shows some resemblance to the tip of the penis; they're both super sensitive and function in a similar way. When a woman gets excited, the clitoris becomes larger and.
  6. 1. noun A random, interesting, and overall fun fact that makes you scratch your head and think what the... WTF Fun Fact - Loyal Camel Walks 62 Miles. June 3, 2021. June 3, 2021. After being sold to a herdsman 8 months prior, an elderly camel ran away and walked more than 62 miles . Read More & Source. WTF Fun Fact - Good Morning MMS

Weird Facts. Vending machines kill four times as many people per year as sharks To crunch the numbers, researchers asked 21 couples, ages 18 to 35, to wear calorie-tracking armbands while they ran on a treadmill while they had sex once a week for a month. They found that men. It can be surprising how many weird facts of life there are, and these weird but true facts can be entertaining. Take these strange but true facts: In space, astronauts are unable to shed tears when they cry because there is no gravity to pull the tears out Verified mind blowing facts, cool and weird stories and news around the world. Information on this..

10 weird things caught on security cameras & cctv About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features © 2021 Google LL And for more out-there oddities, here are 50 Wonderfully Weird Facts That Will Make You Question Everything. 1 More human twins are being born now than ever before 40 Weird Facts is a book that can help change awkward silences into compelling conversations, transforming you into an educated genius in any social situation. Both children AND adults will love the witty descriptions and the captivating illustrations, some fascinating facts at the same time

Fun Facts › Weird Facts. Weird Facts Facts that are weird, strange, and generally offbeat. Trivia in this category will raise an eyebrow or two. Latest; Top; Random; 3 years ago Stomach of Metal. French entertainer Michel Lotito ate parts from a Cessna plane over a 2 year period, and ate an estimated nine tons of metal between 1959 and 1997. Weird Celebrity Facts That Are 100% True. Katia Kleyman. Updated May 7, 2021 5.6k votes 905 voters 59.0k views19 items. List Rules Vote up the most surprising things about these stars. Celebrities tend to be an eclectic bunch of people. For many celebrities, their quirks and zany personalities helped them become famous in the first place Strange but true! Do you know about London's beer wave? Have you visited Warehouse City? Read on for 71 delightful, interesting and just plain bizarre facts about England, United Kingdom. 1. If you cover all of its history, the British Empire has invaded all but 22 countries in the world Definitely one of the more surprising facts in this series, the most stolen food in the world is in fact cheese. Around 4% of ALL the cheese made in the world gets stolen. There's even a black market of stolen cheeses, but we didn't tell you that Just plain weird, unusual or interesting facts about Canada. Canada has the world's smallest jail - in Rodney, Ontario; it's only 24.3 square m (270 square feet). Canada has 198 jails. Daylight savings time does not occur in Saskatchewan. The heaviest rainfall ever recorded was in Buffalo Gap, Saskatchewan

Unbelievable Facts Weird Facts Random Facts City Council Burns Creepy Movie Posters Firefighters Strange Facts Weird Facts. 5,829,728 likes · 1,810,277 talking about this. Daily updates on Unbelievable facts, stories and News around the world. Read more facts.. Weird Facts - Funny Videos - Stupid Laws - Optical Illusions. Details. Written by Jeff Mayhew. Ailurophilia is the love of cats. People who own pets live longer, have less stress, and have fewer heart attacks.21% of dogs and 7% of cats snore. Read more: Amazing Cat Facts In the United States, lettuce is the second most popular fresh vegetable. Bananas are a great source of potassium. Potassium helps build muscle power and keeps your body fluids in balance. The NY phone book had 22 Hitlers before WWII. The NY phone book had 0 Hitlers after WWII 20 Weird And Unusual Things That Actually Exist In Our World. by Awesome Daily Staff. November 8, 2015. in Entertainment. 1. 44. SHARES. 2.5k. VIEWS. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. These are all real things . 1: Blue Lava. Located in Indonesia, this lava burst so fast and in such high temperature it turns blue

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14 Amazing Facts about Soccer that you probably didn't know of. 1. The highest soccer score was 149-0! In 2002 Stade Olympique de L'emyrne lost a match against AS Adema of. Facts Weird Facts Verified mind blowing facts, cool and weird stories and news around the world. Information on this blog is for general information purpose only Weird But True!—Fast Facts. Just when you thought things couldn't get weirder, the truth comes out on Weird But True!-Fast Facts. Get ready for the craziest, kookiest journey of never-ending, strange facts you'll definitely want to know 46 Weird Facts Most People Don't Know. By Marissa Laliberte, RD.com Updated: Oct. 01, 2018. Prepare to have your mind blown. 1 / 46. Photo: Natalia Barsukova/Shutterstock. Flamingos bend their legs at the ankle, not the knee. They essentially stand on tip-toe. Their knees are closer to the body and are covered by feathers

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Back in 2011, Andrew Rader, a writer, and a mission manager at SpaceX, started a Twitter account called Weird History where he shares all sorts of odd and funny historic facts, proving that history can actually be incredibly interesting From Lincoln Logs and the Olympics to Ouija boards and 9/11, here are 13 architecture-related facts you may not have previously known. 1. Architecture Was Once an Olympic Sport. Save this picture.

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Examine these interesting doctor facts to learn amazing statistics, fun medical trivia, controversy, and little-known history. 44 Enlightening Teacher Facts Find out why teachers have the most important job in the world with our interesting teacher facts, including little-known history, pay, and much more 18 Weird and Crazy Facts About Germany. Germany has a reputation for being a straight-laced, by-the-books country -- but plenty of weirdness bubbles just below the surface. Honestly, Sprockets isn't that far-fetched. As it turns out, there's more than enough weird and wacky going down between the Vaterland's borders. Here are 18 eye-opening. Strange Facts About Chinese Children. From clothing choices to name choices, here are a few unbelievably weird China facts about children within the country. This next generation is going to be an interesting one In 2007, a Chinese couple seeking a distinctive name for their child settled on the e-mail 'at' symbol (@). A government. Weird History Facts. 41. Vladimir Pravik was one of the first firefighters to reach the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant on April 26th, 1986. The radiation was so strong that it changed his eye color.

The USA is an interesting place. If you're looking to keep your title as reigning trivia champion, here are the weird state and geography facts that you definitely need to know Snakes are among the most feared animals on the planet. There are over 3,000 different species, from the four-inch Barbados threadsnake to the 40-foot anaconda. These legless, scaly vertebrates, found in almost every biome, can slither, swim, and even fly. Some snakes are born with two heads, while others can reproduce without males Weird Florida Facts. Bet you didn't know about these weird and interesting Florida facts. Written by. Dawn Henthorn. Dawn Henthorn is a lifelong Florida resident and travel expert, former editor of Wire to Wire and Horse Racing Digest, and a journalist for Orlando Family Magazine. Tripsavvy's Editorial Guidelines. Dawn Henthorn

Answer: 2. Coffee was the first food to be freeze-dried. Also known as instant coffee, just add a bit of hot water to the powder and stir. Milk and sugar are also acceptable. Learn how you may be. Water is the most abundant molecule in your body.You probably know some facts about the compound, such as its freezing and boiling point or that its chemical formula is H 2 O. Here's a collection of weird water facts that might surprise you 17 Weird Food Facts That Will Make You Question Everything. Spoiler alert: Everything is a lie. 1. Bananas are berries. So are eggplants. Botanically speaking, for a fruit to be considered a berry. Jun 3, 2016 - Explore KammRenee's board weird facts on Pinterest. See more ideas about weird facts, facts, wtf fun facts Check out Weird But True! videos, fun facts, and more

Weird Facts. If you like this page, feel free to try out our app (which has many other facts) bit.ly/2RZqlzG. Posts Tagged Weird Facts About 5 of the World's Most Famous Logos. Sometimes, the most interesting aspect of a logo isn't the graphic itself. It's the story behind it. To revist this article. Nature is just full of surprises and weird animal facts. Bored Panda has chosen a few of the more unexpected animal facts, with which you can definitely blow your colleagues' minds. Just be sure to remember at least one of them in the time of need. And if you thought that human life is rather complex, then after checking these illustrations and.

Oddee has the oddest news, crazy events and tons of strange things and pictures. This is a weird world, and find the best, weirdest, oddest stuff at Oddee.com However, while the character has been settled recently there is still a vast history across decades that is full of weird and wonderful facts and stories about Power Girl. 10 Earth 2 Despite the fact that Power Girl's origin has changed somewhat over the years, one of the most consistent elements is that Power Girl is from Earth 2 in the DC. 20 rare and weird facts about World War 2. Team Mighty. Posted On April 29, 2021 07:02:00 We've all seen Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers, but here's a list of facts from World War 2 that you probably didn't know: 1. The first German serviceman killed in the war was killed by the Japanese Top 10 Weird Things That Happened In 2020. by Estelle. fact checked by Jamie Frater. 2020 will forever be remembered as the Covid-19 year. It most definitely sucked and continues to suck even as we (finally!) approach the end of it. The second wave of the pandemic is sweeping the globe, and right now it might seem like the virus is going to be. Facts Top 10 Interesting Stages In The Development Of Father's Day June 17, 2021 Weird Stuff Top 10 Bizarre And Scary Jobs For Commercial Divers June 17, 2021 Movies and TV Top 10 Behind The Scenes Tales About Ridley Scott Movies June 16, 2021 Space Top 10 Great Secrets Of The Solar System June 16, 2021 Weird Stuf

20 Weird Facts About Pokemon. As we continue to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, one Game Rant author seeks to discover some of the weirdest facts that the games have to offer ‏‎Weird Facts‎‏. ‏‏٥٬٧٩١٬٩٧٩‏ تسجيل إعجاب · يتحدث ‏٦٩٢٬١٢٣‏ عن هذا‏. ‏‎Daily updates on Unbelievable facts, stories and News around the world. Read more..

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Odd Stuff Magazine is a blog on strange facts, weird pictures, unusual news and odd stuff from around the glob 20 Unusual Space Facts There's a lot of crazy facts about outer space. The universe is a bizarre place. It's packed full of mysterious alien planets, stars that dwarf the Sun, black holes of unfathomable power, and many other cosmic curiosities that seem to defy logic. Below, we highlight a small sampling of the countless unusual space. 25 Interesting (And Strange) Facts About Iceland. Updated: March 20, 2021 by Matthew Karsten. Strange Facts About Iceland! Iceland Facts. If you're looking for cool facts about Iceland, you won't believe some of this stuff! Did you know Icelanders leave their babies outside, they like to eat rotten sharks, and there's an app to prevent. 8. He turned down many offers to sell Facebook. Many big name companies wanted to see if he wanted to sell -- NewsCorp, MySpace, Viacom, Yahoo, NBC, Microsoft (again) and Google all put their hats.

Here are all the weird facts your history teacher really should have taught: George Washington (1789-1797) Photo: Wiki Commons. Despite popular myth, his dentures weren't made of wood. They were made of hippopotamus ivory, bone, animal and human teeth, lead, brass screws and gold wire. So where did the wood theory come from WEIRD FACTS 10 Incredibly Strange Facts About Coffee You Never Knew. Think you know beans about coffee? Quiz yourself and see how well you know your java. By Rachel Mount Hofstetter - 1. The name cappuccino comes from: a) The drink's resemblance to the brown cowls worn by Capuchin monks b) The similarity in The Cape sundew, native to South Africa, traps insects not with rapid movements or weird pitcher-shaped appendages, but by slowly wrapping its arms (its sticky, sap-covered leaves) around its prey. This process is slow (on the average it takes about 30 minutes) and is probably fairly cruel Some weird and wonderful things you probably didn't know about Minecraft! :DBecome a member: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyGteX4xK-ZO7u9GMB8gKfA/joinTra.. In Western culture we love to hate or point out all the weird things about Christianity, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Bill Maher have made life-long careers pointing out the contradictions and absurdities of Christianity. But being from the west, we usually don't pick on Buddhism

Interesting Facts about English. in no particular order... The most common letter in English is e. The most common vowel in English is e, followed by a. The most common consonant in English is r, followed by t. Every syllable in English must have a vowel (sound). Not all syllables have consonants. Only two English words in current use. 31 Weird Facts About Australia That Will Amaze You Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest Share on LinkedIn Share on Email Before my first trip to Australia a few years ago, my concept of the country's size was wildly ignorant So here are some weird or interesting facts about Australia. 1. Australia has the world's longest golf course measuring more than 850 miles long. 2. Australia is home to 21 of the world's 25 most venomous snakes. 3. Perth is the only city in the world which can have aircraft land in its CBD. 4 Fun Facts and Trivia Bet you didn't know..... It is impossible for most people to lick their own elbow. (try it!) A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out. A shrimp's heart is in its head. It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky

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This list of unusual deaths includes unique or extremely rare circumstances of death recorded throughout history, noted as being unusual by multiple sources. Antiquity. Name of person Image Date of death Details Draco of Athens: c. 620 BC: Draco, an Athenian lawmaker, was reportedly smothered to death by gifts of cloaks and. 11 really weird facts about Teletubbies. As attention falls back onto the iconic kids' TV show, which turned 20 in 2017, here are some lesser-known facts about the series. 1. One episode. Animals are amazing things; all of us are unique and sometimes very unusual in our behavior. At Frontier HQ, we are fascinated by all things nature, and so we have put together a list of all of the very best and most interesting and downright funny facts about animals we could find. 1. The heart of a shrimp is located in its head

Unusual Bacteria - Strange Facts About Fascinating Microbes, an interesting hub on this topic and well done on your great achievement. Linda Crampton (author) from British Columbia, Canada on July 04, 2013: Hi, thumbi7. I'm glad that this hub is useful for you! I hope your daughter gets into the college of her choice. Thank you for the comment 01 Weird Facts Infographics. 02 It is physically impossible for you to lick your elbow. 03 Dueling is legal in Paraguay. 04 There are 366 dimples on a regulation golf ball. 05 The moon is moving away from the Earth. 06 Ketchup leaves the bottle at a measured speed. 07 A baseball has a lifespan 50 Weird Facts About All 50 States That Will Make You a Trivia Champion. Slide 1 of 51: Wisconsin is known for its cheese, and you really can't think of California without imagining its charming. 75 weird-but-true facts. Researchers found that roughly one in every 10,000 chickens is gynandromorphous, meaning they hatch half-male and half-female

Here are 50 fun, weird and just plain interesting facts I've dug up about the city of Toronto. The Flatiron Mural by Canadian artist Derek Besant Toronto is Canada's largest city with a population now of almost 5.6 million 12 weird but true facts about technology. Text: Hitesh Raj Bhagat, ET bureau You can't argue with the relentless march of technology but you can marvel at some of the absurdities from the past few decades. ET rounds up a bunch of facts and anecdotes that sound so ridiculous, you'll question their authenticity 31 Weird & Fun Facts About Computer Keyboards You Didn't Know About. Know Your Tech. by Sebastian Kończak, published on Aug 2015. We look at keyboard many times in a day and usually we don't think about how they work and why they look like they look. If you live in the United States, UK or - for example - Poland, your keyboard is most likely. 21-25 Weird Facts About Poop. 21. Salvador Dalí smeared himself with goat dung before meeting his wife for the first time - Source. 22. In India, a company makes paper products out of elephant dung - Source. 23. Paula Radcliffe, the winner of the 2005 London Marathon, took a sh*t on the side of the road in full view of spectators and cameras

25 Facts About Traveling Around the World. Posted by DavidM.Green on 19 November 2017. Category Travel. The world is a beautiful place. So there is nothing better than exploring it country by country on your own The world is full of unexplained events, strange mysteries, and mysterious legends. Cool interesting stuff features everything odd, weird, bizzare, strange or unusual. Discover the truth behind unexplained ancient mysteries, UFO mysteries, secret locations and paranormal events. Weird Thing Weird Facts. Did you know... It is impossible to lick your elbow. A crocodile can't stick its tongue out. A shrimp's heart is in its head. an ostrich buried its head in the sand. for pigs to look up into the sky. A pregnant goldfish is called a twit. have never made or received a telephone call

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Other Weird Football Facts. Wilberforce Montgomery once suffered concussion after being hit on the head by a pie thrown from the crowd. Andrew Innocull is the only known professional footballer to have every vowel appear in his name, in the correct order. Mario Balotelli netted more than twenty Premier League goals but had only one assist. 50 Really Weird Facts About Your Body. Strange Facts. The Human Body is a treasure trove of mysteries, one that still confounds doctors and scientists about the details of its working. It's not an overstatement to say that every part of your body is a miracle. Here are fifty facts about your body that will leave you stunned

Weird Washington Laws   It is illegal to attach a vending machine to a utility pole without prior consent from the utility company. No person may walk about in public if he or she has the common cold. Destroying a beer cask or bottle of another is illegal. It is illegal to. Weird Facts About Thailand 1. RESPECT THE KING. Always respect the king, his images, even his picture on the Thai baht. Although Thailand's laws are controversial, open disrespect toward the king can actually land you in prison! You may find it weird that people have been arrested for Facebook posts speaking evil of the monarchy. 2 Weird Stuff 10 Bizarre Things People Tried To Sell Online. Steve Wynalda May 27, 2021. Weird Stuff 10 Bitter Conflicts Fought Over Seafood. J. Raughty May 26, 2021. Weird Stuff Top 10 Weird Facts About Strippers. Adrian Sharp May 22, 2021. Weird Stuff Top 10 Amazing Facts From The Secret History Of Blood Strange facts about the circus are plentiful. The circus is — simply put — weird. Part of its appeal is that it's outside the realm of normal: We don't usually pet tigers, swing from a trapeze or watch clowns pile into a car. Since there's a lot that's weird about circus acts, we chose to include facts about its origins and legacy that.

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9 Weird Facts About the World's Most Obscure Countries. By Sophie-Claire Hoeller. Published on 3/24/2015 at 2:00 PM. courtesy of flickr/matt and kristy/Thrillist 10 Weird and Wacky Beauty Facts. Some of the crazy things people have done in the name of beauty throughout history. By Andrea Lavinthal. Dec 9, 2009 Dennis Golonka यूक्रेन जाने से पहले जान लो ये बातें // Interesting Facts About Ukraine in Hindi July 2, 2021 Googling Weird Things That Boys Do *Exposed* Jessie Bugg

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Here are some other weird facts about Perth and the state of WA. Australia is an undeniably odd country in many ways, but sometimes I wonder if the city of Perth (and Western Australia in general) takes the cake for the weirdest city and state, respectively. When you consider some facts about Perth and surrounds, this could very well be the case Scroll down for some really strange facts about death! 1. A human head remains conscious for around 20 seconds after being decapitated. It's probably thinking this is weird. Source: Source. A collection of oddities that includes weird places, strange people, bizarre events, weird news, strange photos and other odd stuff from all around the worl Disclaimer: Weird does not mean negative, some of these strange things are very positive and should be exported to the rest of the world :-) 1. You are telling a great story to your Norwegian friend/colleague. He or she will start making strange sounds: aspirations with the mouth as if they have the beginning o

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Random Facts.. If you have 3 quarters, 4 dimes, and 4 pennies, you have $1.19. You also have the largest amount of money in coins without being able to make change for a dollar. The numbers '172' can be found on the back of the U.S. $5 dollar bill in the bushes at the base of the Lincoln Memorial. President Kennedy was the fastest random. 10 weird and interesting facts about Japan and its culture Japan is unique in its own, and boasts of fascinating culture and social paradigms that one can't find anywhere else in the world Google Maps and Google Street View is the gift that keeps on giving. There are so many strange and weird things found on Google Maps and Google Street View if you really scour around. Many people have found incredibly weird things and some are downright disturbing or hilarious The bones of the skull shape the features of our characters and hold the muscles that create the subtle facial expressions that bring our drawings to life. So in the spirit of the holiday, I bring you 5 weird facts you probably didn't know about the most important feature of the human anatomy, the human skull. 1 Fun Facts and Trivia Bet you didn't know..... It is impossible for most people to lick their own elbow. (try it!) A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out. A shrimp's heart is in its head. It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky

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The extremely strange things you probably didn't know, The Mysterious universe and weird facts - challenge to watch Unbelievable Facts - Club Giggl 25 Weird animal facts about pigs. Nayden Kostov | December 31, 2014 | Weird animal facts | 3 Comments. Out of 2 billion pigs in the world, only one is in Afghanistan. Tweet This. Until the very end of 20th century they would feed pigs with cannabis in Bhutan. Tweet This. Pigs have 44 teeth Weird Facts About King Tut and His Mummy On the anniversary of the discovery of King Tut's tomb on Nov 22, 1922 the best-known pharaoh of ancient Egypt remains a puzzle filled with several weird. The human characters in the universe of the Pokemon games are many things: upbeat, helpful, positive, hardworking, and dependable. However, they're also a bit oblivious, or at least way too comfortable with some crazy stuff. Throughout the series, there are quite a few strange things that everyone just kind of ignores or accepts Nature can do bizarre things, and there are some seriously strange places that feel out of this world. Here we've picked 20 weird places around the globe. This is our 2021 update for fuelling your wanderlust 51 facts about trees - Weird and wonderful wood. Wood is made up of a combination of living, dying, and dead cells. The world's shortest tree is the dwarf willow, which lives in northerly and Arctic Tundra regions and rarely grows more than a couple of inches high

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